William Howard "Bill" Lavely

William (Bill), an Allegheny College Graduate and a member of Delta Tau Delta, first worked at camp in 1939. In 1941 he started his first of at least four years as Water Front Director at Lake Erie. In 1942 he also served as Nature Lore and Rifle Director. That year camp had expanded the land being used, and the rifle range was moved to shoot into logs at the base of a 70ft hill to prevent ricochetting bullets. His water front staff in 1943 included one water front leader for every four boys in camp. The lake infrastructure that year included nine rowboats, one motor boat, and a single 75ft pier for each camper's daily thirty minutes of swimming instruction. Camp Director Jack McPhee emphasized the buddy system be used at all times while in the water. William planned to attend the Boston College School of Theology is the fall of 1943.

Upper Flat in the early 1940's

L to R: Bill Lavely, (unknown), Howdy Friend, "Gordy" Harrison, (unknown), Whitey Culp. (Photo courtesy of Howdy Friend)

Rifle Instruction

Bill giving rifle instruction to Tom Alexander in 1942. The photo is the earliest known version of the iconic image that has been repeated many times. Other campers left to right are George Lebrum, Dick Hammond, Bob Lutes, and Ben Reist.

Co workers