Trips Programs

The Trips Program gives the opportunity for camping experiences outside of Camp Fitch. There were a few Gypsy Trips is the early years of Fitch. Campers would tour Lake Erie and Canada by rented Bus. The program officially began in 1965. Bill McDonough, assisted by Bill Marshall, took 12 boys on a canoe trip through the backwoods of the Algonquin Provinicial Park in Ontario, Canada. The trip took 11 days of canoing and portaging. They slept in tents and ate freezed dried food for the duration of the trip. Campers on the trip were: Scott Finer,David Holt, Carl Bennett, John Wilson, Bill Cook, Salvador Gonzalez, Jeff Davis, Bob Bennett, John Roberts, Pete Coakley, and Nelson Arryo.[1]

List of Former Trips

  • Canoe Trip to Algonquin Provinicial Park in Ontario, Canada
  • First Bike Trip was to Lancaster, PA and Gettysburg (1973)
  • First Backpacking Trip was to Allegheny National Forrest (1972)
  • Bike Trip to Cape Cod
  • Climbing Trip to the Niagara Escarpment at Rattlesnake Point, Ontario
  • Bike Trip through Holland (1973)
  • Month in Spain, inlcuding 2 weeks at Y Camp (1987)
  • Lake Erie Island Hopper
  • Washington D.C. Tour
  • Whitewater Rafting and Caving in Laurel Highlands.
  • Cross Ohio Bike Trip
  • Two week hiking trip in the Adirondacks

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List of Trip Directors

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