Tim Sheetz

 Apache Village Staff 2006

Apache Village 2006 From L ro R: Jon Pintea, Tim Sheetz, Scott Deacentis, Korey Papa, Steve Smith, JD Mirto, Ben Pratt, Scott Mirkin. Other Apache Village Counselors that summer included Steve Drake and Andy Schill.

Tim Sheetz began going to family camp in 1988 and summer camp in 1993. He participated in the Canada Climbing Trip and the Cape Cod Bike Trip with Dave Lasota. His favorite things at camp were and still are Candlelight and Color Wars. Matt Poese and Kelly Barton were his first age group directors. His counselors included Mike Berty, Larry Lloyd, Zac Sniderman, and Noah Sniderman. Brian Hoover and Jason Boyd were his CIT directors.

His Sioux Village Cabent mates included: Beau Sniderman, Ben White, Justin Jeffries, Scott Mirkin, Chris Friend, and Matt Friend. (The amount of mischief caused by this group is truly unfathomanle, and I will never know how Mike Berty dealt with us!)

He joined the staff as dischrew in 2001 and became a counselor later that year. He spent most of his time working at the climbing tower and sea kayaking.

As Apache counselors; Tim Sheetz, Adam Bonner, and Justin Jefferies built the Apache Lookout in 2004 to bring back Apache Village Reflections. It is located between Lake MVIMA and Ables Road. Apache Village meets there Friday nights after Candlelight to reflect on the week. They also blazed the Apache Point-MVIMA Trail that same year with the help of Steve Drake and others.

In 2006, as a village director under the leadership of Steve "Homie" DelCalzo, Tim Sheetz and Stacey Henry wanted to have a stayover program do something other than the traditional trip to Tasty Twist or Peggy Gray's. They planned an overnight canoe trip with over 60 people to Camp Lambec that would include sleeping under the stars. The trip required all the kayaks, most of the canoes in camp, and one jet ski. Every paddle from MVIMA, Erie, and the Trips Shed were used. It stormed heavily in the middle of the night and everyone was forced to sleep shoulder to shoulder in a small pavilion. Some counselors were forced to sleep inside camp's Ford Focus because the pavillion was too small to provide shelter for everyone. Stacey Henry spent the night in the trunk of the Ford Focus. The storm also brought in thick fog for the return trip in the morning. Those in the rear of the line of boats could not see the front canoe. Other staff on the trip included Jon Pintea and Katy Elliot.

Also while Apache Village Director, he oversaw the building of the current fire circle at Apache Point. The work was done by Ben Pratt, David Sheetz, Scott DeAscentis, and others. This included cementing the walls with concrete and rocks from Lake Erie. Ben Pratt discovered a 20ft long rectangular log past the the third camp pier that now makes the perfect campfire bench. In a near sisyphean effort, Ben Pratt and the other counselors pushed the log into Lake Erie and spent the whole afternoon paddling and swimming it back to the boat ramp, against the wind, using the sea kayaking paddles.

Tim Sheetz, Korey Papa, Brett Cole, and Shawn Smith introduced Lumberjack Games in 2006. The games concluded with 800 pancakes being eaten in 15 minutes during Camp Fitch's largest flapjack eating contest.

Tim Sheetz is a memeber of Omega Psi Kappa and N'Fitch. In 2008 he took a job teaching at the University of Oklahoma and was succeeded as Apache Village Director by Jon Pintea.

Camp Timeline

  • 1993 - 2000 Camper
  • 2000 CIT
  • 2001 Dishcrew and counselor
  • 2002 - 2004 Counselor
  • 2005 Sioux Village Director, CIT Director with Jason Crist and Adam Bonner, and Apache Village Director
  • 2006 Apache Village Director (succeeding Timmy Cole), Climbing Director
  • 2007 Apache Village Director, Climbing Director
  • 2008 MIA
  • 2009 7th Period Shawnee Village Director
  • 2010 MIA
  • 2011 Inaugural Member of the Real Polar Bear Swim

Favorite Memories and Trivia

The coldest night he ever spent in a Cabent was during the 2012 Young Alumni Work Weekend. It was 33 degrees, 27 degrees with windchill.

Camp Fitch Genealogy

Family that have worked at Camp Fitch include:

  • David Williams, Great Grandfather, Camp Director
  • Gert "Mimi" Friend, Grandmother, Camp Store
  • Howdy "Pa" Friend, Grandfather, Village Director
  • Judy Sheetz, Mother, Camper
  • Sonny Friend, Great Uncle
  • Dave Dellman, Grandmother's Cousin.
  • Scott Friend, Uncle
  • Howdy Friend Jr, Uncle
  • Mark Friend, Cousin
  • Megan Friend, Cousin
  • Sarah Friend, Cousin
  • Heather Jamison, Second Cousin
  • David Sheetz, Brother

Fellow Camp Fitchers Toby Mirto and JD Mirto Sr gave blood to Howdy "Pa" Friend during surgery, so some also include them as blood relatives, as well as their kin: Candace Mirto, Tim Cole, Brett Cole, JD Mirto, etc.


Photos are much more powerful than lists, here are some group photos through the years.

Village Directors on the Last Saturday of Camp 2005 From L ro R: Adam Bonner, Tim Sheetz, Tim Cole, Lindsay Mirkin, Katie White, Megan Sturgeon ("Sturge").

Staff at the White Turkey in 2007 From L ro R: Chris Roth, Candace Mirto, Dani Rosato, Anna Rosato, Stacey Henry, Scott DeAscentis, Katy Elliot, Tim Sheetz, Tim Cole, Sam Abrams, Cara Mullane (Vernal), Laura White, Max Forstag, Korey Papa, David Parker, Steve Smith, Ben Pratt, Megan Sturgeon ("Sturge"), Lindsay Forman, Steve Drake. This is a taken a few hours before the inaugural unofficial, unapproved, unforgettable trip to Canada. Donde Esta Canada anyone?

Where Is He Now?

Tim Sheetz graduated from the University of Oklahoma in 2008. He lives in Yukon, OK and flies for an airline out of Dallas-Fort Worth. He still looks for any reason to go to Camp and reflexively looks busy when ever a blue Ford Ranger approaches.

Contact Info

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