Theodatus Giles Beede

Theodatus “Thad” Beede (3/21/1871-10/20/1957) ground the lenses for the Eddie Farrell Memorial Telescope. Thad attended the very first YMCA Camp in the country in 1888 at Lake Chautauqua.[1] He was a plumber and contractor by trade, but spent much time studying astronomy. He was a member of the Youngstown YMCA and founded the Youngstown Astronomy Club. He built a 200“ telescope in his backyard, was published in the American Scientific Journal, and was one of the first people to observe a snow storm on Mars. He returned annually to Camp Fitch to assemble and demonstrate the telescope for campers. He married his wife Mary Pfundt, from Sweden, in 1892 They had six children, including: Harry, Ralph, Fred and Dwight.

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