Steve "Homie" DelCalzo

Steve DelCalzo is the long time Director and the fearless leader of Ot-Yo-Kwa. He is the living definition of a Renaissance Man. Besides his unwavering leadership abilities he is also known for being a philosopher, international diplomat, warrior poet, championship sky diver, Ford Ranger mechanic, pop icon, polar bear tamer, ventriloquist, fish-milk connoisseur, comedian, and mentor to thousands of young men. In the off season he supplements his camp income as a high school social studies teacher, performs under the pseudonym Neil Diamond, and collects the royalties from inventing the boat shoe. He is the godfather of Omega Psi Kappa and acquired his stealth abilities at the Dann Olin Ninja Dojo. The sound of air being breathed through his clenched teeth can cause the most violent of criminal to reevaluate their life.

Homie was an active member of the Lake County YMCA growing up and is an Edinboro College graduate[1] who joined the Camp Fitch Staff in 1972 under Camp Director Bill Lyder. [2]. He led the CIT program starting about 1976, running four two week sessions in 1978. [3] He transferred to the Downtown Y in 1981 to become Youth Director there. He oversaw the bus program, Indian Guide, Indian Princess, Civic Day, and Day Camp programs. [1] Homie served as a YMCA professional for eight years, eventually becoming Program and Membership Director. [2] In 1989 he became a high school social studies teacher. [4] In 1997 Dann the Man was promoted to Assistant Camp Director and Steve stepped into the role of Boy's Camp Director. He holds that position today.

Presidential Campaign

In 2008 Homie was the focus of a write-in campaign during the republican presidential primary process. Although campaign manager Ben Forstag led him to an early voting lead with a 103% lead over John McCain, he graciously bowed out saying his heart was in Ot-Yo-Kwa and he would not seek higher office.


You're not like my son. If you were you would be much more attractive.
If you come to staff training with an earring, you better have a pirate ship and a guy with an eye-patch waiting for you at Lake Erie, because you won't be working here!
You aren't my right hand man. You are more like my second left-foot.
I need some hippy to run a hemp program. Where's that Jeffries kid?
I know that the staff outing got back late last night and that many of you are very tired. But guess what… HOMEY DON'T CARE! GET OUT OF BED!
That kid is squirrely, just plain squirrely.

Thanks to Omega Psi Kappa brothers Adam Bonner and Ben Forstag for originally compiling these quotes


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