Bob Mowry

Robert E. “Bob” Mowry was a Village Director in 1951, working for Camp Director Charles Smith. The other Village Directors were Tom Brown and Dave Wilson. This was the first year of the seperate Girls Camp run by Camp Fitch.[1] He graduated from Springfield College, and was hired as a full time physical director at the Youngstown YMCA in 1953 with Robert F. Thompson. He was promoted to Youth Director in 1956. Around this time, his daughter Beth Sue was born.[2][3] At the Central Y, he worked along side Joe Check, Richard Bennett, Halbe Brown, Jane Norris, and Tom Collier.[2][4][5] Camp Fitch was still a summer only program at this time, so his job of Youth Director led him to become the Director of Camp Fitch for the 1957 season, succeeding Robert F. Thompson.[2] This was the first year of simultaneous Co-ed camping at Camp Fitch.[6] Strech Howard and Bob Doyle were his Village Directors that year, Halbe Brown was also at camp running the Waterfront.[7] The summer while Bob was director, Philadelphia Phillies Outfielder and Youngstown native, Jack Mayo, came to camp during the fourth camping period to teach the boys baseball.[8] Bob's wife worked as camp nurse that summer.[7]

After the 1957 season, Bob was promoted to Mens' Physical Director and Joe Check would return to run camp for the 1958 season. [6][2] Bob Mowry continued to work for the Youngstown YMCA through the 1960s. He served as Residence Director and Business Executive and worked on fundraising campaigns with Howdy Friend and Daniel Mirto.[2][9]


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