Robert "Bob" Doyle

Bob was Boy's Camp Director starting in 1961 under Camp Director Halbe Brown. Before that he served as a tent leader, Hi-Y Adviser, Archery and Riflery Director, and Village Director[1] and would eventually become Executive Director of the Central Y.

He grew up on the South side of Youngstown. He began attending and working at the Y at an early age. His Grandfather, Angelo DeCicco, bought him a Y membership in 1947[2]. His first year as a camper was 1949 while Edwin K. Enterline was Camp Director. In October 1951 Bob began working in the Cloackroom at the Y for 35 cents an hour.[3] While in High School he started as Dish Crew in 1952 and was a tent leader the next summer. That first summer as a tent leader he earned $2.50/week[2] He graduated from Boardman High School in 1956 and continued to work for the Y while attending YSU.

He was Archery Director and Rifle Director in the mid 50s during the unique time when Camp ran a Girl's Camp, but it was not yet simultaneous. The girls would attend the first 4 weeks and boys would attend the next 6 during the longer 10 week camping season. Only 6-8 men would be in camp to run activities during those first 4 weeks and he was one of them. In 1957, the same year simultaneous co-ed camping began, he was Village Director[3] under Robert E. Mowry. In 1961 he became Boy's Camp Director under Halbe Brown and thus was one of the first to face the challenge of keeping the Boy's and Girl's staff separated from each other. Kathleen Dalton returned for her second year as Girl's Camp Director that year. Bob reminded his staff that the campers were much more important than the girls in the other flat.[3] A bit hypocritically it seems, he Kathy Dalton became Kathy Doyle two years later.[2]

He spent his entire working career working for the YMCA except 6 months in the Coast Guard following college graduation in 1961. After returning from the Coast Guard, he worked as a Director at the McDonald Branch[4] and continued to work summers at Camp Fitch until 1963. Then he became Youth Director at the Central Branch in 1964 after the McDonald Branch closed its doors. In 1974 he became Director of the Central Branch.[3] He held that post until his bittersweet retirement in 1995. Although he looked forward to having the time to sail, garden, and golf, he knew he'd miss the daily contact with his Y family. His staff were sad to see him leave and described him as gracious, diplomatic, and a friend of unconditional love.[2]

Tent Photo, 1960 (L to R): Bill DeCicco (Counselor), Dick Bennett, Steve Bennett, Bob Doyle (as Village Director). Dan Lewis, Bill Ellis, Dave Yerian, Jim Soller, Bob Lindberg.


  • Roy Moore, Archery Director 1957
  • Melva Mantle, Craft Director 1957
  • R.W. Howard, Village Director 1957
  • Dave McKay, Nature Director 1957
  • John Hawkins, Riflerly Director 1957
  • Mrs. Robert Mowry, Camp Nurse 1957
  • Helen Check, Business Manager 1957
  • David Brown, Waterfront Director 1957
  • Joe Greer, Assistant Waterfront Director 1957[1]
  • Dale May and Bob Zajack, Downtown Y Aquatic Directors

Camp Genealogy

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  • Gabriel DeCicco, Uncle and camper in 1924-1926 (the first years in North Springfield)


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