Property History

This page lists only the dates of known land acquisitions and serves as a means to discover the remaining history of when which land was purchased. Before much of the land was sold to camp, it seems to have been passed down from family to family and rarely had more than a handful of owners in the entire history of European settlement of Northwest, PA. They men and women who previously earned their living on this land have left us only a few building and foundations to hint at their stories. Hopefully the examination of Camp Fitch's property history will be the prelude to the eventual inclusion of their stories in our history.

Limited information is available online for property records before the 1970s. A trip to Erie County's offices is probably required to expand the following information.

  • A) This is the original 93 acres the the heirs of John H. Fitch purchased from the descendants of Samuel Holliday. The original purchase may have also included “Area B”. The listed acreage exceeds 93 acres because the the county now includes “Area I” in the map of tax parcels, which was added later. Camp moved to in North Springfield in 1923, but initially rented the property. The property may have been purchased in 1924.[1]
  • B) This is also part of the original 93 acres, it contains the saltbox homestead and the old barn. The Holliday family owns in now. Evidence is needed, but it was probably sold back around the time Kane Lodge was built since two dining halls would not be needed.
  • C) Most of this land was the donation Mrs. Agler gave in memory of her husband Benjamin L. Agler. The tax parcel is 136 Acres. Newspaper records show she donated 93 acres, which leaves 43 acres of this parcel unaccounted for. The 2 parcels of 93 acres, less what was sold back the Holliday Family, resulted in camp owning approximately 183 acres.[2]
  • D) This 7 acres appears to be the first purchase of buffer land that Phil Tear mentions camp wanted money to survey in the Golden Anniversary booklet. Property records show it was purchased in 1965, the staff housing may have been added in 1979. Who it was purchased from is unkown.[3]
  • E) Additional 20 acres buffer land purchased in 1966. Previous owner unknown.[4]
  • F) This 30 acres of land was purchased from Camp Sequoyah in 1970.[5] The reason of the purchase is unknown, but circumstantially, it appears Camp Fitch was aggressively seeking expansion while Sequoyah may have been facing significant financial trouble. Sequoyah acquired the land from A. E. Doerr in 1929.
  • G) This 158 acres of Camp Sequoyah was purchased in December 1983 after the camp shutdown. The rest of the camp was sold to Laport Builders to build cottages. Sequoyah acquired the land from A. E. Doerr in 1929, who used it as a farm.[6]
  • H) This 2 acres was bought from Holliday Farms in August 1985. It may have been more buffer property or for additional staff housing since the house and shed were already on the property.[7]
  • I) The purchase date of this parcel is unknown, since it was merged with an adjacent tax parcel, but most the land nearby was subdivided around 1969.
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