Peggy Gray's Candy Store

Peggy Grays Candies and Gifts is a candy store located on the corner of Holliday Rd and Old Lake Rd. It was founded in 1920s by Marguerite “Peggy” Gray Holliday and is know for its homemade chocolates. Favorites include bark, chocolate covered pretzels, and candy cigarettes. The family has opened a second store in Erie, but all the candy for the store continues to be made in house in North Springfield.


Peggy grew up in Fostoria, OH and moved to Cleveland after marrying into the Holliday Family. It was there she started making chocolate in 1922. They eventually moved back to North Springfield to stay close to family. She opened her candy store in the old general store that was built on the original Holliday Homestead after the railroad brought a minor boom to North Springfield.

The store has remained in the family and her grandchildren run the store to this day.

Peggy Gray in the 1970s.

Pictures of the store along time ago.