Norma Edminster-Koehler

Norma was never a camper. She started at camp as a volunteer counselor for Cambridge Springs Outdoor Education school program when she was a senior in 1980. She was 18 years old. Steve Delcalzo, Greg Donahue, and "Radar" got her hooked on camp life from that outdoor education experience. She became full time staff in 1984 after graduating from Edinboro College. She was the driving force behind the beginning of our Special Populations Camp and ran it for many years. In 1985 she took a trip representing the YMCA's of America during the International Summer of Youth. The month long journey took her to Spain, Austria, and Moscow. She continued as full time staff until 1989 when she moved to Port Allegany. She continues to spend her summers at camp and has stayed active in Special Populations and recording the day to day life of Camp Fitch with her Camera.

Camp Timeline

  • 1980 - CIT Counselor under Steve "Homie" DelCalzo
  • 1981 - Counselor
  • 1982 - Counselor and fill in Village Director
  • 1983 - Inca Village DIrector
  • 1984 - Inca Village Director and Inaugural Special Pops Director. Joined year around staff
  • 1985 - Inca Village Director and Special Pops Director
  • 1986 - 1989 Special Pops Director
  • 1990 - Present - Summer Staff

Camp Genealogy

Norma is married to fellow Camp Fitcher Keith Koehler.

Favorite Memories

I have loved all my jobs, but the one I hold near and dear is starting “Munchkin Village”. Once our own children were born, I decided to take camp kids to the movies for the summer Disney film, visit nearby playgrounds, and transport Sunday McDonald's Happy Meals lunches to camp for the camp kids to eat on the picnic tables. It wasn't a paid position, but the memories it made for all of us was priceless.