Miniature Golf Course

Camp had a miniature golf course for a about a decade located at the current site of Cherokee Square. Poland businessman Anthony Trolio donated the course to camp in 1983. He opened the course in 1981 at the corner of 224 and Clingan Rd, next to his sporting goods shop. However, the business never became profitable. He closed the course, but didn't want to leave it to rot and be vandalized. After no one wanted to purchase it, he decided to give it to Camp Fitch. The estimated value was $26,000 at the time. Greg Donahue, Glenn Graham, Don Robinson, and others showed up early the morning of April 4, 1983 in two camp trucks to haul away everything except the overhead lights and fence to camp. It took all of 3 days to move the whole course. Regarding the length of time Greg Donahue said, “It's a bigger job than we thought, but then, I never had any experience in moving golf courses… The kids will get a kick out of it.” In response, Trolio quipped he'd get a kick out of listing the course as a charitable contribution on his tax form.

Glenn Graham and Don Robinson load the Loop the Loop into a camp truck.

Mini Golf Directors


The current Lake MVIMA boathouse (the one with the sticky door that was the only one for many years) was originally the miniature golf clubhouse where the clubs and short pencils were distributed to campers. If you look close on the back wall you can see the half doors that swing up (or out) to distribute clubs and a light socket that is incongruous in a shed with no connection to the electrical grid. This structure might have also been given by Mr. Trolio as part of the course.

The only pencil you could find for many years at Camp were the short mini-golf pencils – apparently Mr. Trolio gave us boxes and boxes of them with the course supplies.