McPhee Pool

The McPhee Pool is an olympic size pool that was dedicated on June 25th, 1978 in honor of John R "Jack" McPhee. He was president of the Youngstown YMCA at the time. Beecher Lodge and Skeggs Lodge were dedicated at the same time to allow for year around camping. It was originally built with a concrete bottom and stainless steel sides. The underwater lights and flood lights are also original. The original heater was a 400,000 BTU heater.[1]


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Memorable Moments

In 2006, Tim Cole and Cici got in a wrestling match over Polar Bear in the old pool house. They dislodged some pipes and the pool was broken for days.

During 5th period 2007, Homie sky dived to Polar Bear to celebrate his 10th consecutive year of defeating girls camp. Bill Lyder was woken up and was told he was needed on the upper flat. He seemed alarmed as to why all of camp was standing near the pool, with the top gun soundtrack playing. He asked the village directors where Homie was. After landing on the Activity Flat, Homie jumped off the diving board. Village Directors at the time were: Tim Sheetz, Jon Pintea, Shawn Smith, Ben Pratt, Megan Sturgeon, Stacey Henry, Ayla Siemon, and Michelle Novotny.


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