The Kings

The Kings were the old bathrooms in Boys Camp. The building was located where Christman Lodge presntly located. The building contained two separate bathroom complexes–the “front” facilities were for Sioux and Shawnee Villages and the “rear” facilities were for Apache Village.

The Kings represented a middle stage in camping sanitation–somewhere between “just go in the woods” and modern plumbing. The floors were concrete, the toilet stalls were divided by plastic curtains, there was a single “trough” and gang showers. The shower heads in The Kings were positioned facing eash other, allowing one to stand in the middle and be hit by two streams of water. (I also distinctly remember that beatles would get stuck in the door screens.)

The Kings was constructed in 1957 to coincide with the opening of the new boys' camp during the initiation of simultaneous co-ed camping.[1]

If anyone has a picture of the old Kings, please insert it here.


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