Karl J. Soller

Karl Soller was a graduate and athlete at Rayen High School and Hiram College.[1] He married his wife Mary on December 29, 1921. They had four children; Fred E., Karl E., John C., and a daughter (named needed).[2] He became a South High Football Coach, Basketball Coach, and Teacher starting in the 1920s before becoming the Assistant Principal at Hayes Junior High in 1940 and Physical Education Director at South High starting in 1941. [3] [1] [4] He had close connections to the Youngstown Y throughout his life. In 1925, after Camp Fitch moved to Lake Erie, he and Dave Williams brought their high school football teams to Camp for two weeks of training. [3] This is the second recorded preseason football training at camp, something that would become a long standing tradition for years to come. He was also a leader in 1942 for the first YMCA sponsored co-ed camp at Camp Fitch. Karl and his wife, David M. Williams, Catherine (Hone) Williams, Rev. Earl Henderson, Rev. Joe Henderson, John Russ, Rev. Richard Firth, Leslie B. Calvin, Alice Smith, Helen Judge, Cecelie May Scott, and Betty Walker ran the joint YMCA and YWCA venture [5]. He passed away at North Side Hospital on January 2, 1961. He was 67 Years old.[6]

The tradition of Camp Fitch and the YMCA carried on in his family. His son, Karl E. Soller, was a tent leader and director in the 1940s.[7] He was appointed Chairman of the Boy's Work Committee in 1960,[8] and also attended family camp with his children and grandchildren in the 1990s and 2000s. Fred E. Soller was also on staff in the 1940s.[9] Karl is also related to Phil Tear.


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