Howard Harpster

Howard Harpster

Born:May 14, 1907
Salem, Ohio

Died:April 9, 1980
Pittsburgh, PA

Spouse:Margaret Harpster

Children:Anne Knox
Mary Lou McKinley
Marcia Swanson

Howard was staff member in the 1920s. He served as Athletic Director in 1927 with Bill Donohue, Pete Stauffer and Don Lovewell.[1][2] Like Dike Beede, all four of them attended and played football at Carnegie Tech. As Quarterback, Howard famously upset Notre Dame both times he played them. The odds on the first game where 10-1 in favor of Notre Dame. Howard would later be admitted the to College Football Hall of Fame.[3] He was one of the first to succeed in throwing the ball from his own end zone. He also played safety and did all the kicking for his team.[4] He graduated in 1928 and was soon hired to be Head Coach of the Geneva College Football Team. He was hired as Head Coach of Carnegie for the 1933 Season. Don Lovewell came with as an Assistant Coach.[5] Howard passed away April 9, 1980 in Pittsburgh.[6]


Photo from the National Football Hall of Fame

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