Welcome to the Camp Fitch Alumni Wiki – Fitchipedia! This is a growing, dynamic, user-edited collection of the people that have been a part of Camp Fitch. This project includes completing our geneology – where do you fit in? What years were you a camper or on staff? What positions did you hold on staff? Also found here will be our songbook project – help us add to our collection of fun camp songs!

Make a page about your time at Camp Fitch that includes facts like: your counselor, your village director, the years you were on Staff, what positions you held and any other aspects of Fitch that are important to you.

There are over one hundred articles about the people, places, programs and lore of Camp Fitch! Add the details about people and events that define Camp Fitch for you, or just make you laugh when they randomly pop into your head as you go through your day.

To get started making a page from scratch, type an address like this into your browser's address bar: “” (or just cut and paste everything between the quotes), and then when the screen comes up that says “this page doesn't exist yet” click on “Create this page” in the upper right hand corner of the screen, and let's see what we can make! If you'd like to get credit for your contributions, be sure to create an account and be logged in when you edit the wiki.

If you're not great with computers, click here for a template you can copy and paste! You can't break anything – all previous drafts of an article are saved, and anyone can revert a page to a previous draft. If you just want to make suggestions or comments about a page, hit the “Discussion” tab in the top left-hand corner of the article and type your comment there (after clicking the “create page” button if no one has started a discussion page yet).

If you have any questions, send email to Matt Poese or Tim Sheetz and we'll be happy to help.