Greg Donahue

Greg is an Assistant Camp Director and founder of the Outdoor Education Program, he holds a Masters Degree in Bunk Patrol Logistics and a PHD in Dump Runs. He was a Leader at the Youngstown Y when he was recruited to work at Camp Fitch for the 1968 season. He served as a Ranger and Dishcrew. Greg graduated from Ashland College in 1975 and became the second full time employee of Camp Fitch that same year. His primary job was to run the new Outdoor Ed program.[1]


Camp Timeline

  • 1968 - Ranger and Dishcrew
  • 1975 - 2013 Full Time Staff, Assistant Camp Director

Camp Genealogy

Greg is married to fellow Camp Fitcher Barb Donahue.

Favorite Memories


1. a Camp Fitch, October 20, 2013. A Victory Celebration for a lifetime of Dedication: Barb and Greg Donahue. YMCA Camp Fitch.