Glenn Oaks Lodge

Glenn Oaks was dedicated in 1988. It was designed to be barrier free and sleep 36 to serve the special populations program in the summer. It is also carpeted, and features a great room and kitchen to accommodate small conferences in the off season.

Local Materials

Like Kane Lodge and McCleary Lodge, Glenn Oaks uses wood from a large oak tree that stood were the lodge is today. Most of this lumber was used in the wainscot that is found on the perimeter of the entire lodge. Some of the furniture in Glenn Oaks was built from the same tree.

Significance of the Name

The “Oaks” part of Glenn Oaks originates from the oak tree that stood on the site. The first part of the name pays homage to Glenn Graham who led and personally executed most of the construction including the layout, foundation, carpentry, plumbing and electrical aspects. This was the first of many buildings that Glenn built for Camp Fitch during his ~25 year tenure on the Fitch staff. The sign in front of the building shows the name of the building as Glen Oaks, but as Glenn spells his name with two n's, the sign misspells the name of the building.