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Fred Beede

Fred Beede in the son of Thad Beede and younger brother of Dike Beede, He was a tent leader and ran the camp kitchen (commissary) for many years starting in 1920 (to at least 1928).

Fred was born as raised in Youngstown. He attended South High School and then Carnegie Tech (Carnegie Mellon), since there was no college in Youngstown yet. He joined the army in 1919 during his junior year at college. However, the war ended before he was sent to Europe and he returned home. Later in 1919, Carnegie offered him a job teaching Mechanical Drawing. However, he wanted to return to Youngstown. South High School agreed to pay him the same amount Carnegie was offering and he moved back to Youngstown.[1]

In the summer of 1920 he returned to Camp Fitch to run the Kitchen at the West Point Camp Site.[2] Camp moved to the present location in 1923 and Fred came too. That first summer at the Lake Erie camp site Fred and his wife pitched a tent and spent the summer on what would soon be referred to as Beede's Flat.[3] Today it would appear that Fred made his selection of campsite from a desire to be far away from central camp. However, at the time the Holliday Saltbox Homestead was still being used as the Dining Hall, which is right across Crooked Creek from Beede's Flat. The construction of Kane Lodge was still seven years away. There were also many fewer trees around the creek at this time. This makes his campsite actually very central and near the dining hall at the time.

Fred served as Athletic Director at South High until 1930.[4] The football coach at the time was Busty Ashbaugh, who started running football camps at Camp Fitch around 1924.[5] Fred continued to teach Mechanical Drawing and served as Head of the Math Department at South High until 1938, when he became Assistant Principal. He later became principal of Hillman Junior High. [1]


  • Harry, Brother
  • Ralph, Brother
  • Dike, Brother


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