Edmund McDonald

Edmund McDonald Jr. was General Secretary of the Youngstown Y from 1908 to 1914, succeeding B.C. Pond who left to become General Secretary at the Paterson, NJ YMCA.[1] Before 1908, he worked for the Piqua, Ohio YMCA.[2] Edmund married Alta Keepers in 1909.[3] He was one of the first people to publicly advocate for the establishment of a permanent camp site at Little Beaver Creek. In the spring of 1914, Edmund lobbied the wealthy association members to provide the needed funds for the new camp.[4]. The Board of Trustees adopted a permanent camping policy soon afterward.[5] In June 1914 he announced he would resign his post to accept the title of General Secretary of the St. Louis YMCA. He left August 1, 1914 and was succeeded by Marshall C. Gibson.[1] There is circumstantial evidence that Edmund continued to advocate for summer camps upon arrival in St. Louis. In his first summer as General Secretary, the St. Louis YMCA opened its own permanent summer camp, Camp Rivercliff.[6]


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