Daniel J. Mirto

Daniel J. Mirto was born in Youngstown, OH in 1926. He attended the Rayen School in Youngstown and received a degree from Youngstown College in business and accounting. Dan married Nancy Fithian in August of 1951. He began his career with his accounting firm, Paisley and Mirto. He would later become the president of a business in Austintown, OH called Rhiel Supply Company. He was a long time member of the Youngstown YMCA , served on the membership board in 1964, was a member of the Businessmen’s Club, Chairman of the expansion drive in 1969, and president in 1980. In the years preceding his death he was the co-chair of the Family Branch Drive which helped to create what is now the Davis Family YMCA in Boardman, OH.

His involvement with the Youngstown YMCA led to his relationship with Camp Fitch. In 1961, Dan, Nancy and their four children, Skip, Kim, Jon David, and Toby, attended family camp at Camp Fitch for the first time. In 1969, Toby, the youngest, was old enough to attend Camp Fitch as a regular summer camper, so they no longer attended family camp. His involvement with the YMCA continued and his family would return to family camp many years later as grandchildren were born.