Computer Camp

Camp Fitch Computer Camp (CFCC) can trace its roots back to 1982, when Roger Patterson and Bill Schrack, math teachers from Boardman, Ohio decided to extend the work they were doing with computers in their classrooms to a summer camp setting at Camp Fitch. Camp was originally run out of the Nature Lodge. They used the latest hardware in the then emerging field of personal computing. This hardware included TRS-80, Apple II, Atari personal computer, and Commodore 64 computer systems. As computer hardware technology and operating systems advanced, CFCC kept pace with these changes and added “IBM compatible” PCs and Apple Macintosh computers.

From its inception, CFCC's focus has been teaching its campers computer programming using languages such as BASIC and eventually incorporating LOGO, PASCAL, and C into the course work. Programming exercises designed by Roger and Bill were intended on teaching concepts of computer programming along with various concepts in mathematics and problem-solving. More advanced campers were able to work on projects independently or in small groups to create games, network chat programs, and more..

In the late 1990's robotics was introduced using LEGO Mindstorm and similar robotics kits. Students learned how to write programs to control robots they designed. CFCC also began using satellite technology to connect to the internet. It was always fun trying to figure out where to point the satellite dish every summer in order to get the best possible signal. CFCC also adopted its new home in Mirto Lodge, which remained as the computer center until 2012.

Over the past several years, CFCC has kept true to its main goal of teaching computer programming to campers. In addition, the curriculum has expanded to include teaching concepts in multi-media, configuration of web servers, and working with various hardware such as 3-D printing. In 2012, CFCC moved to its new home, The Banana Tree Room, located in the Skeggs Lodge dining hall facility. Because the ratio of campers to counselors averages 2:1, coursework for each camper is customized to address their particular level of knowledge and individual interests they may have. This has been a mainstay of camp since its early roots.

CFCC continues to stay current with leading edge information technologies as they emerge. This is possible because the vast majority of the CFCC staff works as software developers or are studying computer science/software engineering at college level and are constantly being exposed to changing technologies. Since its inception in 1982, CFCC has always offered its campers “a head start with essential skills”, and with the passion of our staff and campers, this will continue into the future.[1]

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