Camp Y-Ota

Camp Y-Ota was a girl's summer camp ran by the YWCA. It was located 3 miles west of Camp Fitch. Y-Ota and Camp Fitch had dances once a week when Y-Ota was still in operation. Little seems to be remembered about this camp so help us by adding what you know. The camp was dedicated on June 22, 1927. Located five miles from Conneaut, the camp was originally 50 acres on the cliffs overlooking Lake Erie. Nervabelle Davies attended and spoke at the Dedication. She had previously been affiliated with the YWCA. Delegations from the Warren and Akron YWCAs attended the celebration along with representatives of the Conneaut Chamber of Commerce. YWCA President Mrs. Henry A. Butler presided over the celebration and broke ground on the first building that same day.[1] They built their recreation hall in honor of Mrs. George D. Wick in 1928[2] and added horseback riding in 1931. [3] The camp was still operating as late as 1944. Ruth Whittington was Camp Director for the 6 week summer program. [4][5] By 1947 the now 92 acre camp was officially closed and the property was for sale. Six groups from the Presbyterian Church, representing portions of Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York, pooled their resources to purchase the site in October of 1947. Camp Y-Ota became Camp Lambec for the 1948 Season. The cost of of a week at Camp Lambec in 1948 was $23.00. Camp Lambec remains open to this day.[6][7]


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