Bud Dearing

Albin P. “Bud” Dearing was born April 29, 1926, to Albin Pasteur Dearing and Helen Wiles Dearing. He graduated from Poland Seminary High School in 1943, where he played basketball and football. He entered the Navy’s V 12 reserves program and graduated from Yale in 1946, with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering. His father passed away in 1946 and Bud returned home to manage Dearing & Co. He married Jean Lynch on May 20, 1950 and they had three daughters: Valerie, Dru, and Julien. In 1957, he left the operations of Dearing & Co. to his brother, Richard H. Dearing, and founded Panelmatic, Inc. Panelmatic Inc. specialized in engineering, designing and building customized electrical control panels. Dearing joined the YMCA around this time and joined the Board of Trustees in 1977. Bud became President of the Board around 1983, succeeding Daniel J. Mirto. He was instrumental in the 1983 Capital Campaign to raise $825,000 that modernized Camp Fitch. That drive funded the construction of Glenn Oaks, the fourth pier, installation of 3-phase electrical power, the purchase of 150 acres from Camp Sequoyah, a new floor in the Agler House, new roofs on McCleary Lodge and Kane Lodge, and state mandated sewage and water system improvements. Bud stayed active at Camp Fitch and the Youngstown YMCA his entire life. He was on the Centennial Planning Committee before his passing on Sunday, June 23, 2014.