Ben Forstag

Ben Forstag began attending Camp Fitch as a camper in 1988. Over 16 years, he was a camper, participated in the CIT program and worked as a Counselor, Village Director and Outdoor Education staffer. Ben ran the BB Range from 2000-2002 and built Camp's original Safari Range in 2003.

Camp Fitch Timeline

  • 2002-2004: Outdoor Education
  • 2003-2004: International Program Director

Favorite Camp Memories

  • Epic tetherball tournaments
  • Hearing different variations of the Pygmy Island story every year–and being scared by them all
  • The time I took a Katyak beyond the horizon line in Lake Erie
  • All of summer 2000
  • Crashing in Christman Lodge every year during staff training week
  • Leading Apache Village Reflections after Candlelight Service
  • Waking up to a nightime thunderstorm and having to tie-down the tent flaps in the dark
  • Heat lightening on Lake Erie
  • Flatwalking with Steve DelCalzo

Whats Going On Now?

Ben is presently living in Washington DC, working for a non-profit health association. He has a couple of bilingual cats.

Contact Information


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