Apache Village (Clippers of the Point)

This village is for the oldest boys in Camp. Prior to camp opening for girls and boys simultaneously in 1957 this village was refereed to as "Ot-Yo-Kwa". Since 1959, their campsite has been Apache Point. Referred to as “Red Village” at the start of the 1957 Camping season, the name “Apache” was chosen by campers from a list of suggested Indian names. Apache village was renamed Clipper in 2015.


The current cheer is:

Hands up Clippers clippers, OH clippers Clippers. Hands down clippers clippers, OH clippers clippers. Turn around clippers clippers, OH clippers clippers. Clap your hands clippers clippers, OH clippers clippers.

Past cheers include:

C H, E R, O C, O W; Cherocow! Mooo!

A-P-A; C-H-E, apa apa che che.


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See Also

1) in the village picture of this week, the staff are spelling 4-Stag in honor of Ben
2) there were only two villages this year: 9-11 and 12 and older, 9-11 was run by Robert Doyle