Apache Point

Apache Point it a seperate camp south of the Boy's Flat used by Apache Village. It was originally cleared in 1959, two years after the Boy's Flat was cleared. Prior to 1957, girl's camp was run for the first part of the summer, then boy's camp finished the summer period. The clearing of Ot Yo Kwa in 1957 allowed both camps to be run simultaneously. At this time, all camping periods lasted 2 weeks (one week camping periods started in approximately 1965). This is a stub article, please help us by adding to it.


Apache Point was the last campsite to get concrete floors for its tents. Before this, the tents had wooden floors.

The Apache Point to MVIMA trail was recleared in 2004.

The current fire circle was built in 2006 by Ben Pratt, David Sheetz, Scott DeAscentis, Tim Sheetz and others.

In 2006, some anonymous directors rotated the PA Speaker away from Cabent 55 to face Lake MVIMA so reveille would not wake them up in the morning.

The first modern bathroom for Apache Point was built in 2007, replacing the “observation” deck. It features an audible alarm when the system is full that resembles the alarms in Jurassic Park. Counselors refer to this siren as the “T-Rex Siren”.

Memorable Moments and Trivia

The Cabents in Apache Point are wider than the original ones in Chicagami. The newest ones have no center pole. They are wide enough to park Phil Kondas's car inside, even with built-in bunks on both sides.

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