Agler Lodge

Agler was built in 1941 and dedicated in July 1942. The funding for the lodge, and 93 acres of land, was donated by Mrs. Benjamin L Agler in honor of her late husband who died in 1937. Mrs. Agler and her children Ben, Caroline, and Mary attended the dedication. It was designed by Youngstown architect William H. Cook and originally constructed out of cypress wood and native stone. It featured four hospital rooms and quarters for the nurse, the camp director, and his family[1]. The dedication was lead by Jack McPhee, who was Camp Director at the time. Rev. Sidney McCammon, Russel McKay (as his first act as the YMCA President) and Paul B. Davies spoke at the dedication. Campers Hugh Hayward and Norbert Kurty read the invocation and benediction. Ben Reist, Jack Bowie, and Hal Davies1) played their trumpets for the ceremony[2]. The 93 acres are located East of the original Holliday Homestead. John McPhee immediately made plans to expand camp east and shift villages for “a long hoped for decentralization” and add new athletic facilities.

Agler Lodge


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1) son of Paul Davies