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Camp Timeline

This exhaustively referenced timeline is the master record of how Camp Fitch is unfolding. Add interesting dates and events to help flesh it out!

1650 (Approximate)

  • The Iroquois take over the land that will become Camp Fitch from the Eriez Tribe.[1]


  • The Six Nations of the Iroquois Confederacy cede the land that will become Camp Fitch and the rest of the Erie Triangle to the United States.[2]1)



  • The Lake Shore Railroad that delineates the southern border of camp is constructed.[2]


  • The Youngstown YMCA is established in the old reading room above Ward's Gun Store. The Y operates a reading room and does mission work.[3][4]2)


  • YMCA moves to 127 W. Federal St.[3]3)[4]


  • The Youngstown YMCA is officially incorporated.[3]


  • Demand is growing for a gymnasium to be added. To accommodate this, the YMCA moves to 120 W. Federal St, near Lustig Bros.[4]


  • Construction on the YMCA building on the corner of Federal and Champion begins, takes 2 years to complete.[3]


  • New site is dedicated on September 11, 1892. Ohio Governor William McKinley speaks at the Dedication. Total members are 1,057. There are 3 paid staff members.[3][4]



  • Earliest confirmed summer camp attempt by the Youngstown YMCA: Approximately 30 adult members spend two weeks at Sandy Lake, a Junior's Camp is run directly after. J.H. Oatey may have been in charge.[6]
  • On October 1, a special junior department is organized with separate reading and game rooms. Start of official Boys' Work Division. [3]


  • After the previous year's success, another summer camp is run at Sandy Lake.[7]


  • Youngstown YMCA runs two week summer camp on Grand River near Ashtabula, 20 boys attend.[8]




  • The summer camp is moved to the Grand River, between Orwell and Ashtabula.[10]
  • J. A. Goodhue is Boys' Work Director.[11]


  • The summer camp is moved again, this time on Lake Erie, between Saybrook and Geneva-on-the-Lake.[10]
  • Edward B. Hendry was Boy's Work Secretary, assisted by Laurence Giles. Edward and Laurence were probably in charge of boys camping at that time.[12]


  • YMCA men discuss the possibly of doing yearly camping trip in Canada.[13] They decide to stay near Lake Erie again, but camp in July instead of August to avoid the recent cold snaps of previous years.[14]
  • Boys' Work Secretary Ira H. Bass takes a group of 23 boys to Twin Lakes near Kent, Ohio for a two week camping trip.[15]
  • The men of the Youngstown Y go camping on Lake Erie, lead by Physical Director Pest. They create a newspaper named “The Daily Howl.” It mostly records how things aren't going as planned.[16]


  • An architect is chosen to design new YMCA building, members and donors are bitter that a New Yorker was chosen over the local architects.[17]
  • The 11 day camping trip for younger YMCA boys was cancelled due to a lack of interest. The younger boys that did sign up were allowed to attend with the older boys from July 18 to July 28.[18]
  • Summer camp may have been run at Grimm's Bridge near East Liverpool.[19]
  • 150 men attend annual meeting of YMCA, Thomas H. Kane elected to Board of Trustees.[4]4)


  • General Secretary Edmund McDonald speaks at the Annual Meeting on May 12, expresses the desire to establish permenant camp site for use by the men and boys of the association year around.[20]
  • Board of Trustees adopts a permanent camping policy at Little Beaver Creek. The Camp that will become Camp Fitch, has officially begun.[21]
  • 32 Campers attend the inaugural year near Cannon's Mill.[10]
  • Ira H. Bass is still Boys' Work Secretary as of June, being considered for promotion to General Secretary.[22]
  • Likely that Earl N. Hale is Camp Director as he holds the title of Boys' Work Secretary at the Youngstown YMCA.[23]5)
  • Concrete for new YMCA is poured on July 21st.[24]
  • General Secretary Edmund McDonald announces he will retire August 1 to run the St. Louis YMCA.[25]
  • Edmund McDonald and B.T. Pest both leave YMCA. The Board of Trustees can not decide on a replacement for McDonald. Acting Physical Secretary Frank W. Thomas assumes role as Acting Boys Secretary on August 1. Gibson will act as General Secretary until a replacement is found. Ira H. Bass stays on to handle the finances. [26][27]
  • Lester C. Haworth is hired as General Secretary on December 1.[28]


  • On November 12, the Building on North Champion Street is opened. Membership is approximately 3,000.[3]
  • Y cuts operating budget by $7,000 in response to economy.[29]
  • Senior Members of the YMCA spend their annual camping trip at the McClure Farm near Leavittsburgh, OH.[30]


  • Thomas H. Kane resigns from Board of Trustees because there can only be six Presbyterians on the board.[31]
  • John H. Fitch is one of the first Youngstown businessmen to give his employees free life insurance. He wishes to protect their families in case of an accident.[32]


  • Thomas H. Kane is re-elected to the Board of Trustees.[33]
  • H.W. Reed is acting General Secretary.[34]
  • Over 45 Youngstown YMCA members volunteer for armed forces.[35]
  • The Youngstown YMCA can find no men to serve as Secretaries of various departments when the Secretaries leave for War Work.[36]



  • John H. Fitch passes away in May.[42]
  • Paul Davies joins staff at YMCA as Assistant Boys' Work Secretary (for Younger Boys) under Earl N. Hale. In that department is also Raymond Witchey, another Assistant Boys' Work Secretary who is involved with camping.[43] [44] [45]
  • Paul Davies is appointed Camp Director. [43]
  • The $5,600 dam is built at West Point to improve swimming. [10]
  • Campers use the Youngstown and Suburban Railway to get to Camp.[21]6)
  • 65 Campers attend each session.[46]
  • Youngstown Y has 400 Youth Members.[47]


  • The Little Beaver Creek Dam is washed away during a flood. [10]
  • Campers and their families build a temporary wooden dam to repair the failed dam. [21]


  • Old YMCA Building at Federal and Champion renovated into a movie theater.[48]


  • Peggy Gray starts making chocolate.
  • Another new permanent dam is built on Little Beaver Creek in the spring to ensure canoeing is available during the summer.[49][50]
  • Earl N. Hale is promoted from Boy's Work Secretary to Secretary of the Religious Department.[51]
  • Paul B. Davies is promoted from Assistant to Boys' Work Secretary[51]
  • 9 tent platforms are constructed to house the entire camp.[50]


  • Leonard T. Skeggs Sr. succeds L.C. Haworth as General Secretary of the Youngstown YMCA7).[52][53]
  • Paul Davies and his wife spend the winter looking for the perfect camp site on Lake Erie between Conneaut, OH and Erie, PA.8) [44] [10] [43] [54]
  • L.C. Haworth and Leonard T. Skeggs Sr. approve Paul's site selection.[53]
  • Camp Fitch moved to North Springfield, rents 91 acres of the Holliday Farm, including 1,200ft of beach front.[55][56][57][58][53]
  • Holliday Saltbox Home is used as Dining Hall.[21][53]
  • Camp uses two natural springs for its supply of freshwater.[55]
  • Staff erect a volleyball court, tennis court, running track, and two baseball diamonds.[53]
  • The fee for two weeks is $14.00, this includes bus transportation to camp.[53]
  • The Fitch Estate sells the West Point Camp to the East Liverpoool YMCA, funds are eventually used to purchase the new site.[15]
  • The East Liverpool YMCA turns the West Point site into Pine Ridge YMCA Camp.[59]
  • Earl N. Hale leaves the Youngstown YMCA to become the first General Secretary of the new Tiffen YMCA[60].



  • 88 Boys attend the third 2 week camping session. [64]
  • Joe Cooper builds camp's first two tennis courts.[65]
  • Girard (coached by David M. Williams), Boardman (coached by Al Davies), South High (Coached by Karl J. Soller), and Conneaut High Schools train their football teams at camp at the end of summer.[66][67]
  • 550 Boys attend summer camp at Camp Fitch.[68]


  • Leonard T. Skeggs becomes General Secertary of the Youngstown YMCA.[52]
  • Curly Johnson is appointed city wide director of Boy's Activities at the Y.[69]
  • The fourth camping period has 70 boys attending in 10 tents.[70]
  • Carnegie Tech upsets football powerhouse Notre Dame 19-0, giving them their only loss of the season. All 19 points were scored by Camp Fitcher Alumni: Bill Donohue, Howard Harpster, and Pete Stauffer.[71]
  • Y Boys put on minstrel show at new Stambaugh Auditorium to raise money to add a dining room and improve the kitchen at the Holliday Saltbox house to better suit it for a Dining Hall.[68]
  • Theodatus Giles Beede builds telescope for Camp Stambaugh, 500 Boy Scouts attend dedication.[72]
  • First known record of a Campership program: Youngstown Kiwanis Club pays for 10 underprivileged children to attend Camp Fitch.[73]
  • Construction on the West Federal Branch is completed. It merges with the Booker T. Washington Settlement and is designed to serve the African American population of Youngstown.[74]


  • Tradition of using Indian names for villages begins.[75]
  • The tradition of singing “Holy Holy Holy” at breakfast and “The Day is Done” before dinner is already well established. [76]
  • Carnegie Tech Quarterback Howard Harpster is Camp Fitch Athletic Director.[77]
  • Camp Y-Ota is dedicated on June 22, 1927, located on the cliffs, five miles from Conneaut.[78]


  • Twenty men spend the weekend at camp to open the season on June 24.[79]
  • Paul Davies becomes executive secretary of Central Branch. [80]
  • List of recommended equipment to bring includes three warm woolen blankets, a tennis racket, Bible, knife, and scout ax.[81]
  • 109 boys arrive in a convoy of cars on July 9, Paul B. Davies is listed as Camp Director, and Curly Johnson is listed as assistant.[82]
  • 115 boys leave for Camp Fitch's third two-week period on July 23.[83]
  • July 22 Chapel Service has 121 parents attend. Lesson given by Paul Suter.[84]
  • Curly Johnson is Swimming Director.[85]


  • Raymond L. "Curly" Johnson becomes Camp Director. 9)[81][82]
  • Hot water baths become available at camp. [10]
  • Camp has a special emphasis on Indian Lore: Nathaniel McCombs traves from the Haskell Institute in Lawrence, KS with a group of Indian youth who would attend camp that summer. Nathan spent the summer teaching Indian bead work, Indian legends, and Indian nature craft.[87]
  • The Buffalo, NY YMCA offers Leonard Skeggs the job as General Secretary there. They are the second oldest YMCA in the country and the largest YMCA in world at the time.[88]


  • Kane Lodge is built [21] [10] [89]. Construction begins in January.[90]
  • The first pier is installed in Lake Erie to aid swimming and boating.[10](This is the now submerged pier adjacent to the boat ramp, not the “first pier” referenced today with that phrase.)
  • Edward D. Farrell passes away at the Conneaut hospital on August 29th.[91]
  • Paul B. Davies hires Jack McPhee to teach physical education at the Y.[92]
  • Attendance is over 400 for the summer.[93]
  • The new lodges are dedicated in a ceremony on September 8th.[19]
  • First documented winter camp reunion occurs.[94]
  • Paul Davies announces the Holliday home will be abandoned once construction is complete on Kane Lodge.[95]
  • In Youngstown, construction begins on the new West Federal YMCA Branch[96]



  • Camp Fitch runs two week camp for men. Curly runs the camp, assisted by James W. Rayen, [100]



  • A motor boat, 5 12ft row boats, and 4 18ft row boats are donated to camp. [105]




  • Wives of YMCA Members invite the public to play bridge to raise funds to send underprivileged children to camp.[110]
  • "Dike" Beede invents the Football Penalty Flag.[111]
  • "Dike" Beede brings Youngstown College (YSU) football team to camp for the first time.[112]
  • Families attend the inaugural year of Family Camp after the conclusion of the normal camping sessions.[43]
  • Over 50 people attend Family Camp, run by R. M. Eickmeyer, Al Fairfield, and James M. Williams.[113]
  • Methodist Church and Swedish Covenant run seperate week long co-ed camps, first co-ed experiment at Camp Fitch. [43]
  • Rev W.J. Hodder and Rev Stanley Smith run the Methodist Camp.[114]
  • With large donations from Carnegie Steel, the McDonald YMCA Branch opens.[115]





  • Camping Season begins June 21.[122]
  • Sharon High School trains its football team at camp.[123]
  • Agler Lodge is dedicated.[124]
  • YMCA and YWCA hold week long co-ed fellowship week at camp in late August. David Williams, Karl J. Soller, Richard Firth and others are directors.[125][126]
  • 1,170 campers attend summer camp this year. [127]
  • Construction of the YMCA branch in McDonald begins. [40]
  • Campers as young as 13 can pay their way through camp by washing pots and pan and waiting tables on dishcrew.[128]



  • Camp Fitch is Quarantined 2 weeks for Polio Scare.[131][132]
  • East Liverpool's YMCA Camp (the old West Point site) forced to close for the second year in a row due to wartime restrictions and a lack of man power. Camp Fitch remains open.[133]
  • Staff member Ensign Ludwig Ohl gives his life during WWII
  • After being founded by the Youngstown YMCA in 1893, Youngstown College ends its status as a Y branch and becomes and independent university. This is partly to appease the accreditation board uncomfortable with Y control.[134][135]
  • The Y still controls the board of Youngstown College. Rules state that the majority of college trustees must be affiliated with the Youngstown Y.[135]




  • Dwight "Dike" Beede resumes football camp for Youngstown College at Camp Fitch, taking 46 YSU football players to camp for training. The tradition had been suspended when the US entered World War II.[121]
  • Jack Bowie is Chickagami Director
  • In October, Camp Y-Ota is sold to six districts of the Presbyterian Church. They rename it Camp Lambec.[139][140]
  • After years of success, demand exceeds capacity for the Swedish Covenant Churches that first rented Camp Fitch for church camp in 1938. They open their own camp in upstate New York, Mission Meadows.[141]


  • By now, camp is 225 acres?[142]
  • The Youngstown Y has 4,443 boy members, over half are sons of steel workers.[47]



  • No longer having a camp of their own, the YWCA girls attend summer camp at Camp Carondowanna near Zelienople, PA. The camp is operated by the Pittsburgh YWCA.[145] [146]




  • Original Pier is reinforced
  • Family Camp is reinstated, finishes camping season.[150]
  • MVIMA raises money to send deserving boys to Camp Fitch, first record of any campership style program.[151]
  • By now camp is 235 acres. Photo Spread in Vindicator[152]
  • Busty Ashbaugh, first person to run a football camp at Camp Fitch passes away on November 21.[153]



  • The Youngstown Kiwanis Club and WFMJ hold auction to raise funds for construction of a Girl Scout cabin and a Camp Fitch craft shop.[157][158][159]
  • Youngstown Kiwanis's first ever Radio Auction runs the night of February 22, bidders must call in bids. Items include: 100 gallons of Sinclair fuel oil - valued at $14.73, a birthday cake, a used car, a month of downtown parking, an automatic coffee maker, 5 gallons of lead paint, a spartan folding camera, a portable radio, ten tons of crushed slag, a new 21“ TV, and a Pedigreed Holstein Calf.[160]
  • Kiwanis Member Harry Reese reports the auction raised $3,056[161]
  • Fred B. King becomes YMCA President.[162]



  • The Boy's Flat is completely cleared, allowing for simultaneous co-ed camping to begin. [10][163]
  • Cliff erosion begins to increase significantly, some tent platforms are lost to the erosion.[10]
  • The first large, 150ft pier is constructed.[166]
  • The back hill road is constructed.[166]
  • Robert E. Mowry is Camp Director
  • The 100ft Boys' Camp Flag Pole is donated to Camp.[144]
  • Youngstown native and Philadelphia Phillies Outfielder Jack Mayo runs a baseball camp for boy's attending the forth camping session beginning Ausugst 11th.[168]
  • Camp can accommodate 105 boys and 105 girls each week with the newly expanded camp.[165]
  • The Kings and renovated Boys Barn are opened for the 1957 Season.[165]
  • Sally Moore is a Village Director.[165]
  • Boys are not allowed to enter girls camp. They use stairs built into the gully west of sunset point to access the beach. The top is constructed from railroad ties and dirt. The lower portion that extends over the cliff is metal.[169]
  • Swimming and boating are conducted east of the first large pier unlike today. [169]


  • Joseph T. Check returns as Camp Director. [86]
  • Construction begins on Lake MVIMA.[170]
  • The requirement for the majority of Youngstown University Trustees to be Y members is removed, Youngstown College becomes fully independent.[135]





  • New Horse Corral is built where the apple orchard is now planted.
  • The construction mortgage for Lake MVIMA is paid off in June. On August 19, MVIMA members and their families met at Camp Fitch to burn the mortgage paper work and celebrate.[175]



  • Phil Tear writes the Golden Anniversary pamphlet.
  • Camp receives anonymous gift of $25,000 for its 50th anniversary.[179]
  • Hundreds of people come to camp for a day of swimming and picnicking to celebrate 50 years of camping.[180][181]
  • Daniel J. Mirto is chairman of the YMCA membership drive.[182]
  • Camp runs at max capacity all summer.[183]
  • Kiwanis Club presents H.H. Hunneke a $1,250 to expand the craft shop.[181]
  • On December 31, Y Trustees vote to close McDonald Branch.[115]




  • Camp Fitch Olympics supposedly played for the first time.[192]
  • On August 15, Youngstown University becomes Youngstown State University and is officially a state institution.[135]


  • Kane Lodge gets a new kitchen.
  • Camp achieves Branch Status, begins official policy of year-around camping.[193]
  • The City of McDonald purchases the McDonald Y Branch and runs it as a City Rec Center.[115]


  • Camp Fitch buys 30 acres from Camp Sequoyah, Northwest of the intersection of Abels Rd and the Railroad.[194]




  • Construction of the Horse barn on Ables Rd begins.
  • The African American YMCA branch on Federal St is closed[202] and converted into a rescue mission. This ends the Central YMCA practice of de facto racial segregation.[202][203][204] [40]
  • Pine Ridge YMCA Camp is permanently closed.[59]







  • Daniel J. Mirto becomes president downtown Y.[162]
  • Soccer Camp begins at Camp Fitch.[218]
  • Camp runs first Diabetic Camp, 30 Campers attend.[219]
  • By now camp is 300 acres.[220]




  • Youngstown YMCA Trustee Committee President Bud Dearing announces $825,000 funding drive. $500,000 of it will fund new sewage system. $40,000 will go towards another pier to prevent erosion. It will also increase lodging and staff housing.[226]
  • Ken Wilson is the chairman in charge of raising the $825,000.[227]
  • Dan Olin and Barb Olin lead two fall camping trips: a canoe trip on the Allegheny River and a spelunking trip at Hocking Hills State Park.[229]
  • US Steel announces it's abandoning the plan for a proposed 6,000 acre steel mill just 10 miles away in Conneaut, OH. It would have been one of the largest in the country. Camp Fitch is spared from the immediate threat of urban sprawl and increased pollution.[230]
  • Camp Fitch buys Camp Sequoyah in December.[231]
  • The Nature Center is renovated to fit 10 computers for the second year of Computer Camp. 40 campers attend.[224]
  • The State of Pennsylvania threatens to close down Camp Fitch unless $500,000 of improvements are made to the sewage and water system. Funding drive begins to raise the money and also provide funds for lodge repair and the installation of the fourth pier.[219]


  • The Special Populations Camp, now Navajo Village, is established. [86] Norma Edminster-Koehler is Director. Program is run at Edinboro University until accommodations like sidewalks are constructed at Camp Fitch.[232]
  • Other local camps shorten season in response to lower demand from local steel mill closures. Fitch allows oil and gas drilling and stops using disposable tableware to save money.[233]
  • The YMCAs of Northern Ohio formalize their link with the YMCA of Spain. Camp Fitch begins hosting two counselors a year.[196]


  • Camp Fitch offers 5 week rock climbing class at McConnell's Mill, after same program was succesful in 1984.[234]
  • Camp Fitch hosts the first group of Spanish campers to stay at an American Camp on June 23.[196]
  • Spanish Flags fly over camp, announcements and signs are in spanish.[235]
  • The first Camp Fitch USA vs Spain soccer game is played. Spainish campers and staff wins easily.[235]
  • 27 Americans challenge the 7 Spanish visitors to a rematch. Spain wins again.[235]
  • Camp buys the house and 1.95 acres at the corner of Ables and Holliday Rd.[236]
  • Cross country skiing classes are offered in the winter.[237]
  • 3 Year, $565,000 funding drive chaired by Thomas Cleary comes to a close. Money will be used to update sewage treatment, repair Agler, McCleary, and Kane, build handicap accessible lodge, acquire land to protect fresh water supply.[238]
  • Cherie Graham joins staff.[195]



  • Kiwanis Members including John Jeren and Bill Donahue and a few high school students go to camp in May with Richard Bennett to prepare camp for the summer. They assemble the metal bunks from storage and clear the land where Glenn Oaks will be built.[240]
  • Camp welcomes its first CITs from Spain.[196]
  • The number of Cabents has expanded to 28, replacing some of the canvas tents. The cabents are officially dedicated.[86]
  • The Pennsylvania State Game Commission gives Camp Fitch a wounded 7 month old deer to raise.[241]


  • The US-Spain camper exchange begins: Camp offers a month long trip to Spain featuring a week of in home living, a week of touring, and 2 weeks at a Spanish YMCA Camp.[221][196] [86]
  • Glenn Oaks Lodge is dedicated in August.[86][21]
  • The construction from the 1983-1985 funding drive is complete. It funds Glenn Oaks also funds 4th pier, installation of 3-phase electrical power, new floor in Agler, new roofs on McCleary and Kane, and state mandated sewage and water system improvements. [213][226]
  • Camp ends the year with a total year around attendance of 13,481 campers.[242]
  • Wrestlemania was played for the first time. The feature match was the Tin Foil Sheiks (Tom Parker & Jim Duffey) with manager Herman “Action” Jackson vs. TnT (Dave "Tiny" Webster & Tito Brown).[243]




  • The tradition of giving 5th year campers a watch to commemorate their time at camp begins.







  • Snow collapsed the roof of the Boy's Barn in late winter or early spring.









  • Batting Cage is donated anonymously to camp, installed east of the pool.
  • The $400,000 water filtration plant is constructed at Camp Fitch, thanks to a $100,000 challenge gift from the Home Savings & Loan Charitable Foundation. Camp Fitch no longer needs to import drinking water.[258]
  • Construction on Mitchell Lodge begins.[258]





  • Tim Hilk becomes President and CEO of the Youngstown YMCA in January, replacing 20 year Executive Director Ken Rudge.[266]
  • The Rope Swing at Lake MVIMA is closed indefinitely
  • The tradition of Vespers is suspended and with it, Vesper's Pizza
  • The Giant Slide is completed.[264][267]
  • The Tradition of Polar Bear being a contest between Girls' and Boys' Camp comes to an end mid-summer.
  • Softball Camp and House of Speed, two new specialty camps are added.[264]
  • Rifle Range expansion is completed before the start of summer.[268]
  • Second week of Family Camp begins.[269]





  • Matt Poese becomes Associate Executive Camp Director.
  • 14 inches of ice are cut through for the 4th Annual Polar Bear Plunge. $15,000 is raised for the Annual Campaign formerly know as Strong Kids.
  • Olin Trail is completed.
  • 100th Anniversary Celebrations begin with a kick off event downtown at the Tyler History Center on March 29th.[128]
  • Camp Fitch's Centennial Booklet, Finding the Way Back, is released.
  • Six Make it Happen Weekends complete final construction on Friend Circle.[278]
  • Evening Candy Line is replaced by the Banana Tree Cafe in the afternoon.[279]
  • Over 700 people gather at camp the weekend of August 8 for the centennial celebration finale. Activities include an auction that raises $24,000, Friend Circle Dedication, Candlelight, and oral history project and lighting of 100 Chinese lanterns.[280]
  • Construction begins on the new waste water treatment plant.[281]
  • The green cottage at 12713 Lou's Lane is purchased by camp in September. Before that, the cottage land was purchased from George Holliday is 1974 and the cottage was erected in 1975.[282][283]
  • Camp Fitch partners with Camp Corral for the first time. Camp Corral runs August 11 to 16 for children of wounded, disabled, and fallen armed service members. [284]
  • John DeLillo and his wife Lynlee Altman volunteer their crews and heavy equipment from Ohio Paving and Construction to cut a new road up the Beecher-Skeggs Hill in November, replacing the steep strait road between Beecher Lodge and Skeggs Lodge.[285]
  • J.D. Mirto Sr. is named Joe Check Memorial Volunteer of the Year.[286]




  • Memorial Service for Charlie Pfannenschmidt is held on February 12.
  • Tom Parker is hired as the new Assistant Camp Director
  • 7th Annual Polar Bear Plunge raises $90,123, first year of remote plungers.[293]
  • Work Begins on a new Camp Fitch Master Plan
  • Wifi is installed throughout camp by Jason Barresi
  • Last year of the Special Populations Program.
  • Girls of Sloop Fleet occupy cabins for the first time
  • First Cabents are torn down in Girl's Camp
  • Hobby Farm opens
  • In the fall, construction begins on the first three cabins in boys camp and the 4th in girls camp.
  • YAWW Weekend builds bunks for new cabins, removes fence from old horse pasture south of Abels Road, clears area for maker center.



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2017/12/05 17:47
1) Fun Fact: the original state line of Pennsylvannia passes just South of Beede's Flat.
2) This date is disputed: Phil Tear indicates 1884, and the YMCA endorses 1883. Deference is given here to the earliest source material. Founded in 1882 and incorporated in 1884 are the dates used until more clear evidence is presented.
3) Some sources say this location and the Ward's Gun Store location are one and the same.
4) Or is this the Cannon's Mill Site? Cannon's Mill could be where the Youngstown & Ohio River rail stop was for camp access. Cannon's Mill is not actually on the Little Beaver River, this site is. This site is also a summer camp today.
5) This is largely dependent on what date the camp was run. If it was June, the director may have been Ira Bass. Ira was actively seeking promotion outside of Youngstown. This may have been known by the board, so Hale was brought in to further the camping program.
6) At the time campers were traveling on it, it was named the Youngstown and Suburban, not the Youngstown and Southern Street Car
7) the concensus was 1924, but the cited Vindicator Article in 1923 states that it has already happened.
8) see discussion page
9) The Golden Anniversary Booklet indicates Curly was in charge in 1928.[86] Material from preseason 1928 indicates Curly will be only an assistant director. Additionally, this article from Midsummer 1928 lists Curly as Newsboy's Director and Assistant Camp Director.
10) Is this when the garage doors were added?